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An UWB to Narrow Band and BI-Bands Reconfigurable Octogonal Antenna

By Mounira Bitchikh, Walid Rili, and Mokhtari Mokhtar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 69-75, 2018


The main objective of this article is to design, realize and measure the performance of a reconfigurable antenna for wireless applications. The designed antenna will be able to switch among several modes, from the ultra-wideband mode (UWB mode) to narrow band mode (NB mode) and then dual-band mode (Bi-bands mode) and vice versa in order to combine the maximum functionality. By incorporating two resonators into the octagonal antenna, the initial antenna can be covered by one wideband (UWB mode), one narrow sub-band (NB mode), or two narrow sub-bands (Bi-bands mode). The ultra-wideband mode is obtained by deactivating the two resonators (so the antenna operates as a classical octagonal antenna), while the one narrow band mode is obtained by activating just one resonator. In the bi-bands mode, the two resonators are activated at a time to be used as a coupling-bridge to very narrow frequency bands. To present the work, simulated and measured results are given and discussed.


Mounira Bitchikh, Walid Rili, and Mokhtari Mokhtar, "An UWB to Narrow Band and BI-Bands Reconfigurable Octogonal Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 69-75, 2018.


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