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Printed Frequency Scanning Antenna Array with Wide Scanning Angle Range

By Liaori Jidi, Xiang-Yu Cao, Xuewen Zhu, and Bowen Zhu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 77, 117-122, 2018


Leaky-wave radiations are usually generated by leaking the electromagnetic energy gradually over a structure. By using the coupling effect and leaky-wave properties, this paper designs a novel 1-D frequency scanning antenna array. The antenna is intended for the direct imaging radar sensors. The simulated results show that the scanning angle can stay in the range from -60˚ to 30˚. The proposed 1-D antenna array was manufactured, and the measured results are consistent with the simulated ones.


Liaori Jidi, Xiang-Yu Cao, Xuewen Zhu, and Bowen Zhu, "Printed Frequency Scanning Antenna Array with Wide Scanning Angle Range," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 77, 117-122, 2018.


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