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Equivalent Circuit Microwave Modeling of Graphene-Loaded Thick Films Using S-Parameters

By Ololade Sanusi, Patrizia Savi, Simone Quaranta, Ahmad Bayat, and Langis Roy
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 76, 33-38, 2018


Graphene, a one-atom thick layer of carbon atoms arranged to form a honeycomb lattice exhibits intriguing mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, which make it attractive for bio- and chemical sensors as well as flexible electronics applications. In this paper, graphene films with different amounts of graphene loading (weight fraction 12.5% and 25%) deposited by screen printing technique are characterized in the microwave frequency range. By fitting the measured scattering parameters of graphene-loaded microstrip lines with Advanced Design System (ADS) circuit simulations, a simple equivalent lumped circuit model of the film is obtained. The proposed equivalent lumped circuit model presented in this paper proves suitable as an initial step towards the full-wave electromagnetic modeling and analysis of graphene loaded microwave structures intended for sensing and tuning applications.


Ololade Sanusi, Patrizia Savi, Simone Quaranta, Ahmad Bayat, and Langis Roy, "Equivalent Circuit Microwave Modeling of Graphene-Loaded Thick Films Using S-Parameters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 76, 33-38, 2018.


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