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UWB Antennas with Multiple Notched-Band Function

By Bazil Taha-Ahmed, Eva Morodo Lasa, Pablo Sanchez Olivares, and Jose Luis Masa-Campos
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 77, 41-49, 2018


In this article, a couple of monopole line-fed UWB antennas with different configurations are presented. Antenna shapes include a big circle overlapped with four small circles, and a two overlapped circles in the horizontal direction. Configurations include single element antenna, single element antenna with dual band reject filters, and polarization diversity antenna version. Measurements show that all antennas work well within almost the whole UWB. The polarization diversity version has a practical port isolation (S12 and S21) better than -15 dB, an Envelope Correlation Coefficient lower than 0.019 and a diversity gain higher than 9.96 dB.


Bazil Taha-Ahmed, Eva Morodo Lasa, Pablo Sanchez Olivares, and Jose Luis Masa-Campos, "UWB Antennas with Multiple Notched-Band Function," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 77, 41-49, 2018.


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