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Fast Root-MUSIC Algorithm Based on Nystrom Method and Spectral Factorization

By Xiaoyu Liu, Junli Chen, and Lveqiu Xu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 78, 81-88, 2018


A fast Root-MUSIC algorithm based on Nystrom method and spectral factorization is proposed. By using Nystrom method, only two sub-matrices of the sample covariance matrix are calculated, which avoids its complete calculation and has the advantage of low computational complexity. At the same time, the polynomial coefficients of the Root-MUSIC based on the Nystrom method are conjugated, and the order of the polynomial is reduced by half when using iterative operations. Finally, the root algorithm is used to estimate the DOA. The performance of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated by simulation results.


Xiaoyu Liu, Junli Chen, and Lveqiu Xu, "Fast Root-MUSIC Algorithm Based on Nystrom Method and Spectral Factorization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 78, 81-88, 2018.


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