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Improving the Performance of Profiled Conical Horn Using Polynomial Interpolation and Targeting the Region of Interest

By Gupta Jay Vishnu and Dhaval A. Pujara
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 77, 129-136, 2018


In this paper, design of a profiled conical horn using piecewise biarc hermite polynomial interpolation is proposed. In order to improve the performance of the horn, a novel concept of `targeting the Region of Interest (RoI)' is used. The target specifications are decided based on the applicability of the horn in a reflectometry system for plasma diagnostics (D-band). Apart from the design details, the simulated results of the proposed horn are covered.


Gupta Jay Vishnu and Dhaval A. Pujara, "Improving the Performance of Profiled Conical Horn Using Polynomial Interpolation and Targeting the Region of Interest," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 77, 129-136, 2018.


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