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Miniaturized Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Compact Size for Harmonic Suppression

By Guan-Nan Chen and Jing-Bo Hu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 78, 59-63, 2018


A new miniaturized microstrip lowpass filter with compact size and a wide spurious-free stopband is investigated. To achieve compact design and ultra-wide band rejection, both triangular patch resonators and trapezoid patch resonators are introduced in the filter. To further reduce the circuit size of the filter, the meander transmission line is also adopted in the design. A demonstration filter with 3 dB cutoff frequency at 0.76 GHz has been designed, fabricated and measured. Results indicate that the proposed filter is able to suppress the 16th harmonic response referred to a suppression degree of 15 dB. Furthermore, the proposed filter exhibits a small size of 0.080λg×0.072λg, where λg is the guided wavelength at 0.76 GHz.


Guan-Nan Chen and Jing-Bo Hu, "Miniaturized Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Compact Size for Harmonic Suppression," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 78, 59-63, 2018.


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