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A Compact Wideband Filtering Power Divider

By Guang Yang, Qiang Liu, Siqi Liu, and Yujia Chang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 81, 71-76, 2019


A compact wideband filtering power divider is presented in this paper, by using coupled transmission lines at two output ports to realize filtering function. The return loss and insertion loss of the design in the passband are improved by inserting fan-shaped open stubs and etching a T-shaped slot at the input port. The central frequency of the power divider is 2.4 GHz. The measured results show a 10-dB fractional bandwidth of 60%, and a wideband filtering response can be obtained. The material object is designed by using FR4, and the size is 0.4λg*0.2λg. The design is well used in the WiFi band.


Guang Yang, Qiang Liu, Siqi Liu, and Yujia Chang, "A Compact Wideband Filtering Power Divider," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 81, 71-76, 2019.


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