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Revisiting Low-Frequency Susceptibility Data in Superconducting Materials

By Jacob Szeftel, Michel Abou Ghantous, and Nicolas Sandeau
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 81, 1-8, 2019


Old susceptibility data, measured in superconducting materials at low-frequency, are shown to be accounted for consistently within the framework of a recently published [1] analysis of the skin effect. Their main merit is to emphasize the significance of the skin-depth measurements, performed just beneath the critical temperature Tc, in order to disprove an assumption, which thwarted any understanding of the skin-depth data, achieved so far by conventional high-frequency methods, so that those data might, from now on, give access to the temperature dependence of the concentration of superconducting electrons.


Jacob Szeftel, Michel Abou Ghantous, and Nicolas Sandeau, "Revisiting Low-Frequency Susceptibility Data in Superconducting Materials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 81, 1-8, 2019.


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