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Very-Low-Profile, Small-Sized, Printed Monopole Antenna for WLAN Notebook Computer Applications

By Saou-Wen Su
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 82, 51-57, 2019


A simple, small-sized, printed monopole antenna loaded with a chip inductor for achieving dual-band operation in notebook computers is introduced. The design consisted of a simple 5 GHz monopole, a chip inductor, and a tuning end portion. With the inductor inserted at the end of the 5 GHz monopole and connected to the tuning portion, the lower band resonance in the 2.4 GHz band can be attained, together with a reduced design footprint for 2.4 GHz operation. The frequency ratio of the upper and lower bands were also controllable by inductance values. The results showed that the antenna was capable of operating in 2.4 GHz (2400-2484 MHz) and 5 GHz (5150-5825 MHz) wireless local area network (WLAN) bands and yet occupied a small size of 5 mm × 12 mm (about 0.04l × 0.09l at 2.4 GHz) only.


Saou-Wen Su, "Very-Low-Profile, Small-Sized, Printed Monopole Antenna for WLAN Notebook Computer Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 82, 51-57, 2019.


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