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Electromagnetic Hotspots Identification in Integrated Circuits

By Dipesh Kapoor, Vivek Sangwan, and Cher-Ming Tan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 86, 121-128, 2019


Advancements in functionalities and operating frequencies of integrated circuits lead to the necessity to study Electromagnetic Compatibility/Electromagnetic Emissions (EMC/EMEs) from these devices. In this work, a methodology is developed, which combines near field electromagnetic measurements and 3D layout simulation of an Integrated Circuit (IC), to identify the sources of EME from a commercial IC. This methodology can help to narrow down the area of key importance with respect to EME sources, instead of the entire IC, before it is fabricated. Consequently, IC designers can optimize their design to minimize the EME before fabrication, saving cost and time significantly.


Dipesh Kapoor, Vivek Sangwan, and Cher-Ming Tan, "Electromagnetic Hotspots Identification in Integrated Circuits," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 86, 121-128, 2019.


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