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An Improved Taguchi's Method for Electromagnetic Applications

By Xingning Jia and Guizhen Lu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 87, 89-96, 2019


An improved Taguchi's method (ITM) is proposed in this paper. The dynamic reduced rate function linked with the contributions of each parameter is used to increase the convergence speed. An extra procedure is added in the ITM to determine whether the experiment results in orthogonal array meet the termination criterion which is neglected in the traditional Taguchi's method (TM). Three experiments, including the syntheses of linear arrays and the designs of an E-shaped antenna and an ultra-wide band monopole, are conducted to investigate the performance of the proposed method, and the results are compared with those of traditional TM and other meta-heuristic methods. The results show that the same or even better results are obtained by the improved TM with fast convergence speed.


Xingning Jia and Guizhen Lu, "An Improved Taguchi's Method for Electromagnetic Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 87, 89-96, 2019.


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