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A Novel Center-Fed SIW Inclined Slot Antenna for Active Phased Array

By Yao Zong, Jun Ding, Chen-Jiang Guo, and Chao Li
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 88, 97-104, 2020


In this paper, a center-fed substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) inclined slot array antenna is designed for a one-dimensional active phased array. A novel coaxial-to-SIW transition is employed to realize the central feed for enhancing bandwidth. The antenna prototype printed onto a single-layer Rogers 5870 is composed of 32×16 inclined slots working at Ku-band. As shown in measured result, the bandwidth with return loss < -10 dB is from 16.6 to 17.1 GHz, and the sidelobe levels of arrays are below -24.8 dB at 16.8 GHz in H planes. The measured gain is 31.8 dB at 16.8 GHz with the aperture efficiency of 65%. The active phased array is assembled by an antenna and 32 Tx/Rx modules, and the measured results show that the main lobe can obtain a wide-angle scanning from -45 to 45 degrees in E planes. The antenna array is suitable for low profile small active phased array radars and communication systems that require spatial wide-angle scanning.


Yao Zong, Jun Ding, Chen-Jiang Guo, and Chao Li, "A Novel Center-Fed SIW Inclined Slot Antenna for Active Phased Array," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 88, 97-104, 2020.


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