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Single-Substrate Double-Side High Selectivity Frequency Selective Surface

By Xiaofan Yang, Liandong Wang, Xujian Shen, Xiaoming Liu, Tao Qi, and Yixin Zhou
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 92, 85-92, 2020


Frequency selective surface is a key component in applications such as communication antenna and remote sensing radiometer. One of the core parameters is selectivity, which is usually realized using a multi-layer structure or through a complicated 3D structure. These methods, however, would impose much challenge on alignment or fabrication. This paper proposes a single-substrate and combined-united array to realize a high selectivity frequency selective surface. The unit cell is a combined pattern of cross dipole and square loop to generate double transmission zeroes out of the passband. Both sides of the substrate are printed with the same pattern to enhance the selectivity. Such a structure enables easy fabrication and assembly by avoiding using multi-substrates. A prototype in the Ku-band demonstrates that both sides of the passband show high selectivity.


Xiaofan Yang, Liandong Wang, Xujian Shen, Xiaoming Liu, Tao Qi, and Yixin Zhou, "Single-Substrate Double-Side High Selectivity Frequency Selective Surface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 92, 85-92, 2020.


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