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An Improved Loop Ultra-Wideband MIMO Antenna System for 5G Mobile Terminals

By Zhong Yu, Meng Wang, and Yongbin Xie
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 93, 99-106, 2020


An eight-element ultra-wideband multiple-input multiple-output antenna system is proposed for the 5G mobile terminals. Each radiating branch is composed of a Loop and a monopole antenna. The ultra-wideband characteristics of the antenna are obtained by a T-shaped feed branch coupling a radiation branch. Furthermore, the isolation is lower than -15 dB by introducing a T-shaped neutralization line structure. The results of simulation and measurement show that the antenna system can cover 3.3-5.6 GHz, and the antenna efficiency is 45%-80%. At the same time, the envelope correlation coefficient between any two elements is lower than 0.03. Therefore,the proposed antenna in this study is very suitable for the eight-element MIMO antenna system as a reference.


Zhong Yu, Meng Wang, and Yongbin Xie, "An Improved Loop Ultra-Wideband MIMO Antenna System for 5G Mobile Terminals," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 93, 99-106, 2020.


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