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A Broadband UHF RFID Tag Antenna Design for Metallic Surface Using Module Matching

By Fei You and Zhi Jiang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 95, 83-90, 2021


In this paper, a broadband RFID tag antenna based on module matching is proposed, which is suitable for metallic surface. The antenna's 10-dB effective bandwidth covers 820-980 MHz. In order to achieve a more appropriate impedance matching in a wideband, a new technique of module matching to reach a wide frequency band is studied, the consistent change of the tag antenna impedance and the chip impedance is fulfilled, and the frequency band is effectively widened. The feasibility of module matching to achieve maximum power transmission is analyzed. Further results demonstrate that the proposed tag antenna provides a stable gain when mounted on metal plates of various sizes. In addition, the proposed design is cost-effective since it does not require metallic vias and has a compact size. The maximum reading distance at 910 MHz on the metallic surface is 4.5 m.


Fei You and Zhi Jiang, "A Broadband UHF RFID Tag Antenna Design for Metallic Surface Using Module Matching," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 95, 83-90, 2021.


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