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Design of a Transmitarray Antenna Using 4 Layers of Double Square Ring Elements

By Xian Wei Chua, Tse-Tong Chia, and Kerrell Boon Khim Chia
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 94, 141-149, 2020


Conventional dielectric lenses rely on the accumulation of phase delay during wave propagation to produce a desired wavefront. By considering the required phase delay at each lens position, an `equivalent' transmitarray antenna can be obtained. Despite a lack of curvature as in conventional lenses, the phase delay in the transmitarray antenna is achieved via a periodic arrangement of unit cell elements to bend the incident waves in the desired directions. This paper presents the design and characterization of a 4-layer transmitarray antenna consisting of double square ring elements. The gap between the double square rings is varied as a fixed proportion of their dimensions, while keeping the widths constant. The transmitarray element can achieve a transmission phase range of 2350 with a loss of less than 3 dB. The performance of the transmitarray antenna is explicitly compared to that of a convex dielectric lens, both of which are operating at 8 GHz.


Xian Wei Chua, Tse-Tong Chia, and Kerrell Boon Khim Chia, "Design of a Transmitarray Antenna Using 4 Layers of Double Square Ring Elements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 94, 141-149, 2020.


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