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Design of Low Profile Multiband Reflective Polarization Converter for Both Linear and Circular Polarized Waves

By Surya Durga Padmaja Bikkuri and Alapati Sudhakar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 97, 61-68, 2021


This paper presents a multifunctional metasurface based reflective polarization converter, to convert the polarization of incident electromagnetic wave in three adjacent frequency bands. In the first band linear to circular polarization conversion and in the remaining two bands linear to orthogonal polarization conversion is achieved. The designed metasurface consists of two circular split rings and a star-shaped split resonator which is fabricated on a metal-backed dielectric substrate. From the simulation results, it is evident that the orthogonal linear polarization conversion band is observed at 9.2 GHz and 12.8 GHz with a polarization conversion ratio of more than 92%. Similarly, it is identified that the same metasurface converts the incident linear polarized wave to circularly polarized wave at 7.3 GHz. Furthermore, the proposed metasurface maintains the handedness of the circularly polarized incident wave at 9.2 & 12.8 GHz frequency upon reflection. The proposed multifunctional polarization converter has a simple planar geometry and low profile which can be used in many applications, such as reflector antennas, imaging systems, remote sensors, and radiometers.


Surya Durga Padmaja Bikkuri and Alapati Sudhakar, "Design of Low Profile Multiband Reflective Polarization Converter for Both Linear and Circular Polarized Waves," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 97, 61-68, 2021.


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