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Millimeter-Wave Reconfigurable Antenna for 5G Wireless Communications

By Bandi Alekhya, Neelaveni Ammal Murugan, Boddapati Taraka Phani Madhav, and Naladimmu Kartheek Ram Reddy
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 101, 107-115, 2021


In the present day scenario, the need for 5G technology is increasing daily, so we design a reconfigurable antenna working in the millimeter-wave range (25 GHz-30 GHz). The antenna is designed using HFSS software, and the antenna is loaded with compact planar metamaterial. This design includes 9 unit cells arranged in a 3 x 3 array, and each unit cell is made up of a hexagonal patch surrounded by a split ring resonator. Apart from this two-unit cells are connected using pin diodes. By operating these two pin diodes in different modes we get four different characteristics. The designed antenna radiates at 27 GHz with a gain of 3.75 dB to 4 dB. The designed antenna is compact and easy to fabricate with dimensions of 30 mm x 23 mm.


Bandi Alekhya, Neelaveni Ammal Murugan, Boddapati Taraka Phani Madhav, and Naladimmu Kartheek Ram Reddy, "Millimeter-Wave Reconfigurable Antenna for 5G Wireless Communications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 101, 107-115, 2021.


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