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Dielectric and Plasmonic Hybrid Dimer Pair: Broadband Reversal of Optical Binding Force

By Md. Saadman Zia, Md. Mahadul Islam, Masudur Rahim, Tapesh Bhowmick, Md. Mizanur Rahman, and M. R. C. Mahdy
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 101, 99-105, 2021


Controlled mutual attraction or repulsion, by the aid of light beam, between two or more particles, is regarded as the reversal of optical binding force. It has emerged as an important tool in the area of optical manipulation, facilitating clustering or aggregating between homodimer and heterodimer arrangements of particles. Despite a vast array of works being done in this area, dielectric-plasmonic hybrid dimer pair has not received any attention yet. To the best of our knowledge, in this letter, we have provided the very first proposal of a generic way to attain the controlled broadband reversal of optical binding force between dielectric and plasmonic hybrid dimer pair. A simple optical setup consisting of a plasmonic substrate placed underneath the hybrid dimer pair has been proposed, where the reversal of optical binding force can be attained by the incidence of a non-structured laser beam in both near- and far-field regions. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that the magnitude of this binding force can be enhanced, simply by altering the angle of incidence of the source of illumination. The force reversal has been attained based on two physical phenomena - mutual attraction and repulsion between the charges formed within the hybrid pair and the reversal of current density in the plasmonic object.


Md. Saadman Zia, Md. Mahadul Islam, Masudur Rahim, Tapesh Bhowmick, Md. Mizanur Rahman, and M. R. C. Mahdy, "Dielectric and Plasmonic Hybrid Dimer Pair: Broadband Reversal of Optical Binding Force," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 101, 99-105, 2021.


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