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Capacitive-Wireless Power Transfer System for Power Supply of a Wireless Sensor System on a Propulsion Shaft

By Van Ai Hoang and Young Chul Lee
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 102, 9-18, 2022


We present a capacitive wireless power transfer (C-WPT) system using rotating capacitors for wireless sensor system (WSS) on propulsion shaft. In order to supply stable power to the WSS consisting of four sensors, a controller, and a radio module, we designed the rotating capacitor connected in parallel with multiple plates that minimizes the change in capacitance of the power coupling capacitor of the C-WPT system. A Class-E converter and transformers topology are utilized to drive the C-WPT system for WSS. The fabricated C-WPT system transmitted stable power even when the rotational speed of the shaft was changed from 100 to 300 revolution per minute (rpm), and achieved power of 20.48 W and transmission efficiency of 64.29%.


Van Ai Hoang and Young Chul Lee, "Capacitive-Wireless Power Transfer System for Power Supply of a Wireless Sensor System on a Propulsion Shaft," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 102, 9-18, 2022.


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