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An Ultra-Broadband Unidirectional Coaxial Waveguide Based on YIG

By Dechun Zheng, Zhuo-Yuan Wang, Qian Shen, and Xu Li
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 102, 119-125, 2022


The planar physical model of ultra-broadband unidirectional waveguide based on surface magnetoplasmons (SMPs) has been derived and calculated in detail, but the coaxial physical model of ultra-broadband unidirectional waveguide based on SMPs has not been reported. Based on the gyromagnetic properties of Ferrite (taken yttrium iron garnet as an example, abbreviated as YIG), a novel ultra-broadband unidirectional coaxial waveguide is proposed in this paper. The basic model of the waveguide is a multilayer coaxial waveguide system composed of metal-layer-YIG-YIG-metal wire. The magnetization vectors of two middle YIGs are equal and opposite. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the waveguide supports two unidirectional transmissions, and both unidirectional bands have excellent properties of immune scattering and back reflection. The waveguide system has the characteristics of simple structure, immune scattering, and ultra-broadband unidirectional band, which is expected to be used in all-photon communication system.


Dechun Zheng, Zhuo-Yuan Wang, Qian Shen, and Xu Li, "An Ultra-Broadband Unidirectional Coaxial Waveguide Based on YIG," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 102, 119-125, 2022.


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