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A Triple Band Artificial Magnetic Conductor: Design & Analytical Model

By Amina Fattouche, Lila Mouffok, Sami Hebib, and Ali Mansoul
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 104, 161-168, 2022


A triple band artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) featuring zero reflection phase at 1.18 GHz, 1.59 GHz, and 2.45 GHz is designed and modeled. A square patch is used to achieve the first resonance. The other two resonance frequencies are generated by two square slots inserted in the first patch. All the three resonant frequencies are adjusted independently of each other and easily predicted by the developed analytical model. A good agreement between electromagnetic simulation and analytical results is obtained with a resonance frequency shift lower than 120 MHz.


Amina Fattouche, Lila Mouffok, Sami Hebib, and Ali Mansoul, "A Triple Band Artificial Magnetic Conductor: Design & Analytical Model," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 104, 161-168, 2022.


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