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An Electrically Small All Metallic Probe-Fed Antenna for NavIC Applications

By Prasanna Kushal Kumar, Gulur Sadananda Karthikeya, and Prabhakar Parimala
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 106, 67-74, 2022


In this paper, a novel all-metallic probe-fed antenna is proposed for L5, L1, and S bands for Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) applications, and it can be used for tracking applications. The proposed antenna dimensions are 30 mm x 80 mm x 8 mm (0.11λ x 0.31λ x 0.03λ) electrical size calculated at 1176.45 MHz (L5). The radiating plane has a comb like structure where there are 8 slots which are of identical size 24 mm x 1 mm and a short slot with 6 mm x 1 mm. The ground plane is 30 mm offset with respect to the radiating plane (top plane). Usually, a high dielectric substrate antenna can resonate at lower frequencies keeping the size of the antenna electrically small, but without substrate the proposed antenna resonates at lower frequencies keeping the antenna size electrically small. The proposed design is electrically compact and economical, and the dielectric loss in the antenna is zero as the antenna is designed with copper alone, which gives a strong impression that a substrate free antenna can resonate at lower frequencies. So, from this method it can also make the antenna light weight.


Prasanna Kushal Kumar, Gulur Sadananda Karthikeya, and Prabhakar Parimala, "An Electrically Small All Metallic Probe-Fed Antenna for NavIC Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 106, 67-74, 2022.


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