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Design of Frequency Multiplexed Coding Metasurface for Dual-Functional Beam Control

By Honggang Hao, Qinxuan Ling, Wei Ruan, and Hanhai Xiao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 105, 111-120, 2022


A frequency multiplexed coding metasurface controlling beam is proposed to enrich the functions of a single metasurface. A square F4B dielectric substrate with a copper-clad bottom surface and a V-shaped and quadrangular cross-shaped metal structure is used as the unit. Applying the different responses of x and y polarized waves and optimization of structural parameters, we can obtain 1-bit coding units for the two frequency bands. The reflection phase can be modulated independently of each other. The design of a dual-band metasurface with different beam splitting effects was realized, achieving the goal of different frequency multiplexing functions on a single metasurface. An RCS reduction of 11 dB at 12 GHz and a double beam splitting at 20 GHz with a pitch angle of ±47.6° are achieved by metasurface. The test results agree well with the simulation results. The proposed metasurfaces offer a simple structure, low cost, good performance, and promising great applications in areas such as frequency multiplexed communications.


Honggang Hao, Qinxuan Ling, Wei Ruan, and Hanhai Xiao, "Design of Frequency Multiplexed Coding Metasurface for Dual-Functional Beam Control," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 105, 111-120, 2022.


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