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Metamaterial Perfect Absorber Using Vanadium Oxide Hexagonal Ring Structure

By Mekala Ananda Reddy, Namanathan Praveena, Nagarajan Gunavathi, and Ramasamy Pandeeswari
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 106, 15-20, 2022


A Metamaterial Terahertz perfect absorber is proposed in this letter. The structure comprises Vanadium oxide (VO2) resonator hexagonal rings placed on top of a silicon dioxide (SiO2) substrate in a concentric pattern on a metal ground layer, with 1 THz and 6 THz operating frequency. Numerical studies are done by an electromagnetic solver. The results show almost perfect absorption, with 112% average absorption at different incident polarization angles, in the range of 1.64 to 6.1 THz. The optimization is carried out on physical dimensions for maximum absorption results. The proposed design can be used as a highly efficient absorber in applications like solar energy harvesting, cloaking, sensing, imaging technology, and EMC projects.


Mekala Ananda Reddy, Namanathan Praveena, Nagarajan Gunavathi, and Ramasamy Pandeeswari, "Metamaterial Perfect Absorber Using Vanadium Oxide Hexagonal Ring Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 106, 15-20, 2022.


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