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A Flexible, Foldable Metamaterial Absorber Fabricated by Matrix-Assisted Catalytic Printing

By Pengyu Gong, Huan Lu, Bo Yang, Ruisheng Guo, Siqi Zhang, and Rongrong Zhu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 105, 131-137, 2022


Metamaterial absorbers are widely used in sensing, cloaking, imaging, etc. Currently, most metamaterial absorbers are integrated with hard substrates, which limit their applications for non-planar and irregularsurfaces. In this paper, a flexible, foldable metamaterial absorber is proposed using a matrix-assisted catalytic printing method. The absorber is composed of periodically patterned eight-round sector copper arrays supported by a polyethylene terephthalate substrate. Experimental results show that the absorber exhibits one absorption peak near 10.2 GHz.


Pengyu Gong, Huan Lu, Bo Yang, Ruisheng Guo, Siqi Zhang, and Rongrong Zhu, "A Flexible, Foldable Metamaterial Absorber Fabricated by Matrix-Assisted Catalytic Printing," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 105, 131-137, 2022.


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