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Research on Multi-Band Absorbers Based on Electromagnetic Metamaterials

By Fugui Liu, Bin Xu, Xiaonan Li, and Guo-Qiang Liu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 108, 15-23, 2023


The rapid development of telecommunication systems has promoted the research of electromagnetic metamaterial absorbers. Based on the equivalent circuit theory, this paper proposes and designs a broadband absorption absorber based on electromagnetic metamaterials, which adopts a sandwich structure with an overall absorber thickness of 3.234 mm. The results show that the absorber has an absorption rate of more than 90% in the X-, Ku-, and K-bands (8.06 GHz-18.46 GHz) for the incident angle varying in the range of 0-50°. The absorption rate is higher than 90% for TE and TM mode electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic waves with polarization angle in the range of 0-50°. The absorber still has good absorption characteristics. The study shows that the absorber has small size, thin thickness, and broad angle broadband absorption characteristics.


Fugui Liu, Bin Xu, Xiaonan Li, and Guo-Qiang Liu, "Research on Multi-Band Absorbers Based on Electromagnetic Metamaterials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 108, 15-23, 2023.


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