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SVD Compression and Energy Harvesting Based Energy Efficient 3D-Mi-Uwsns

By Sadanand Yadav and Vinay Kumar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 109, 15-22, 2023


In underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs), the limited availability and non-rechargeability of sensor node batteries necessitated the advancement of energy optimization techniques. Optimal clustering is one such technique that reduces the energy consumption of the networks. In this letter, we propose optimal cluster compression technique jointly with energy harvesting. In optimal clustering compression, we perform optimal clustering of networks with singular value decomposition (SVD) as compression technique to reduce the redundant data generated at the cluster heads (CHs). Besides, adopting energy harvesting technique, node batteries are periodically recharged. The performance of the proposed model is evaluated in terms of network lifetime and throughput.


Sadanand Yadav and Vinay Kumar, "SVD Compression and Energy Harvesting Based Energy Efficient 3D-Mi-Uwsns," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 109, 15-22, 2023.


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