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Reconfigurable Bandstop Filter with Switchable Clls for Bandwidth Control

By Moheddine Smari, Saber Dakhli, Erwan Fourn, and Fethi Choubani
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 110, 11-19, 2023


In this paper, a compact reconfigurable bandstop filter suitable for multistandard and multiband mobile terminals is reported. The proposed dual bandstop filter consists of a microstrip line coupled to two switchable Capacitively Loaded Loops (CLLs). We achieve tuning of individual notched frequency bands by using open circuits as switches and incorporated in each CLL element. The performance characteristics in terms of S-parameters and surface currents distribution show that the proposed filter is able to adjust two stopbands independently in a wide tuning range. A corresponding prototype of tunable dual-stopband filter is manufactured, and practical measurement agree well with the simulation results.


Moheddine Smari, Saber Dakhli, Erwan Fourn, and Fethi Choubani, "Reconfigurable Bandstop Filter with Switchable Clls for Bandwidth Control," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 110, 11-19, 2023.


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